Children's Leggings sewing pattern sizes 1 - 12 years, for boys and girls.


VERY EASY PATTERN --- Child's Leggings Pattern. Fabrics from Wickedly Woven 

DIGITAL PDF SEWING PATTERN. Instant download. No postage available

Leggings suitable for girls and boys, versatile and so easy to make.

DESCRIPTION: Stretch knit leggings with elastic waist. Close fitting; length from waist to ankle. A great little accessory style, also suitable for underwear and pyjamas. You can add matching leggings to dresses, skirts, shirts etc with this very useful pattern. A must have for any pattern library.

SIZES: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9,10, 12. Size chart in inches and centimeters is included.

EXPERIENCE: Beginner with some experience sewing knitted fabrics.

FABRIC: Knitted fabrics only. Suitable for 4 way stretch light to medium weight knits with a 50-75% stretch on width and length e.g. Lycra, Cotton/Lycra, Cotton/Elastane or any knit that will stretch to double its width. 

ACCESSORIES: Elastic 18-22mm / 3/4" wide. Cut lengths for all sizes are listed in the pattern file. 

SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: Always use an all purpose poly thread as this will stretch. Use a ballpoint needle in a small to medium size. Use a stretch stitch setting on your machine to sew the leggings.  If you are new to knits experiment to find the best settings for the fabric you want to sew.