Kids fleece pants pattern Rascal Pants cool slouchy pants for boys & tomboys size 1-8 years.


Fun, Cool, Slouchy Pants --- Easy to make.

The Rascal Pants are definitely for the modern young man --- fashionable, a little crazy and super easy to make. Casual, pull-on Fleece pants with deep front pockets and a dropped crotch, featuring a big contrast set-in bum patch and turn-up cuffs. Real cool and slouchy! The Rascal Pants are very easy to sew; you need only plain sewing skills --- no buttonholes or other tricky bits. Everything you need to know to make the Rascal Pants is in the pattern file and Sewing Tutorial.

SIZES: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 --- to fit children 12 months to 8 years old. International sizing --- size relates to age e.g size 2 = 2 year old child. Size chart with measurements in centimeters and inches is included in the pattern file.

EXPERIENCE: Novice --- with some experience sewing knitted fabrics.  Follow the sewing tutorial closely to learn how to make the pants.

FABRIC: The style works best in medium to heavier weight knit fabrics like Fleece and cotton Rugby. I used cotton Fleece for the main pant and striped Ponte jersey for the bum patch with cotton prints for the cuff facings and patch pockets. You can put your own combination of prints and colours together. No reason you can’t make these for girls as well, just choose a suitable colour combination.

For best results avoid using very stretchy knitted fabrics e.g. lycra and similar fabrics. Not suitable for woven fabric.